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UC - Series

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UC-Series, with 2.3 pitch, in standard 500x500 mm format, is our series for indoor bendable LED wall solutions. Thanks to its modular design and staggered alignment, any shaped can be formed. The modules are interchangeable and the cabinets are bendable up to ±9° in steps of 3.


Thanks to its low weight and quick locking system, it guarantees maximum speed during assembly. The cabinet design allows you to compose screens with sharp 90° and 270° angles. Due to its the very high resolution, it allows you to obtain perfect visual rendering thanks to the i9+ Receiving Cards which support:


  • HDR;
  • Low Latency with 1 frame delay; 
  • Colour space management without calibration;
  • Editing individual shades.


The high-performance SMDs ensure optimal contrast for high visual performance. Front and rear maintenance guarantees speed in any set-up. The UC-Series bendable LED wall is ideal for television and broadcast applications thanks to the very high refresh rate, which reaches 3840 Hz and the high grey scale.

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Technical data






SMD Nationstar 1515

Module resolution

105 x 105 pixel

Module size

250 x 250 mm

Driving IC

MBI 5253B

Cabinet size

500 x 500 mm



Cabinet resolution

210 x 210 pixel

Pixel density

176.400 pixel/m2


Alluminio pressofuso


7,4 kg


80 mm


Frontal and rear

Bending angle

+/- 0°, 3°, 6°, 9°


1200 Nits

Grey scale

14 bit

Refresh rate

> 3840 Hz

Power peak

600 W

Average consumption

200 Wh/m2

Life span

> 100.000 ore

IP rating (Front / Rear)

40 / 21

Main features


Very high brightness




Adjustable brightness

Front maintenance

Rapid assembly

Perfect alignment

On-site, remote and cloud management

1 / 7

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Our team of architects, designers and technicians can integrate and digitalise your projects through our screens, creating furnishing elements that blend in with the surrounding environment, based on in-depth knowledge of the product and its control systems, to guarantee a very high quality yield.



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Our specialist technicians, through years of experience in the field, test every single module before installing the screens.


The actual phase of LED wall assembly consists of inserting all the cabinets inside the load-bearing structure created, ensuring precise alignment of the individual components. The wiring ensures electrical continuity and the correct flow of data in the various modules to compose the general image.


Once the LED wall is mounted, we proceed with the technical checks. 



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The courses are aimed at anyone who wants to approach the world of LED screens and at professional operators who wish to increase their knowledge and technical skills.



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We ensure a rapid support and repair service thanks to the presence of specialist technicians at our head office. We also guarantee the presence of an emergency team, 7 days a week, for any problems with the system.



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Content Creation

Our creative teams are available to create from scratch, or adapt, video content and their audio integration to offer a #beyondimaginable experience.



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