Curved LED displays and Angular LED walls: Wave&Co Specialties

Projects of angular or curved LED wall are among the things that we prefer.

Wave&Co professional approach has always been based on overcoming limits, giving the best of ourselves in challenging and complex projects.

Regular readers of our blog surely know this.
Occasional surfers may have read it in the About Us, where we explain the DNA of Wave&Co and the things we do.
The hashtag we coined, #beyondimaginable, testifies to our commitment and passion for visionary projects.


Translated into our daily work, this approach means will, time and resources used to find concrete solutions to the thousands of “can’t do it” that live behind a tough project.

It also means that our “core business” is not just selling LED tiles.
Our job is to conceive, design, install and maintain LED screens, Led Walls and video content management systems.

Dealing with the project from A to Z is the way we can guarantee excellence in results.

Over the years Wave&Co has refined techniques and skills in various fields.
Angular Led Wall (with a 90 ° sharp angle) and Curved LED displays are among our preferred applications. These “specialties” are necessary when projects are ambitious, and spaces are complex to optimize.

Wave&Co Angular LED Wall

Angular LED walls with 90 ° sharp corners are certainly among our specialties that require a certain craftsmanship in adapting the LED tiles for the purpose.

Normally, a LED tile is composed by a frame (or structure), a power box and various LED modules. Two are the standard dimensions of LED tile, 500x500mm or 500x1000mm.

The thickness of these LED tiles does not allow two of them to be placed side by side, at a 90 ° angle, without the joint becoming a dark point of the LED wall, creating a notable imperfection.


Wave&Co intervenes on the single cabinet to limit this problem as much as possible.
Our professionals modify the structure of the frame and the back cover of the tile.


This peculiar technique is clearly visible in the image below, where a 90° sharp angle is applied on one of the “custom” creations we produced in 2020.
These are the LED Video Cubes, perfect for In-Store applications for Retail.

Wave&Co Curved LED Displays and LED Walls

Curved LED Displays and LED Walls are the other specialties we are proud of.

Our LED walls can be curved thanks to the fact that cabinets can be hooked to each other forming an angle ± 5 °, 10 ° or 15 °.

The junction angle strictly depends on the pixel pitch of LED modules.
As the pitch increases, in fact, more inclined junctions are possible.

In the case of “fixed” installations that use curved LED walls, it is very important that the design of the structure that supports everything is well conceived and built.

This is to ensure that the installation is resistant, practical and quick in case of maintenance.


Although, in fact, the maintenance of a curved led wall is the same as for a standard one, in the case of fixed installation, it is fundamental to create the necessary spaces, on the front or back, to have direct and practical access to the parts to be repaired.

Find out more in our section on Led walls.

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