Digital scenery and Milan Fashion Week 2022

More and more fashion houses use ledwalls to create compelling digital scenery capable of engaging the present.

The digital sets manage to convince the spectators of a fashion show and are a very effective weapon inside a boutique.


Window displays based on LED technology, in fact, create digital scenery capable of attracting, entertaining and engaging passers-by. Inside the store, through the use of ledwall the brand can further interact with those present with scenographies that know how to highlight the collections, as well as strengthen the brand identity through the creation of real branded environments.


Examples of the adoption of these techniques of Digital Signage are well evident in the fashion boutiques in the largest European stores, such as Selfridges in London, or in the single-brand boutiques of the largest metropolitan cities (Milan, Paris, Rome etc…).


Scenography design: digital on the catwalk

Milan Fashion Week 2022 (spring/summer 2023)

The fashion sector is fresh of Milan Fashion Week 2022, the second edition in the presence of the Milan Fashion Week after the pandemic.

This edition, which saw the presentation of the spring/summer 2023 collections:
from 17 to 21 June for men’s fashion and from 20 to 26 September for women’s fashion, saw the led screens protagonists also outside the event. In fact, the highlight of fashion in Italy saw the participation of the largest international brands on the catwalk, both historical and new, and has involved the whole city of Milan thanks to the spread of the event on the now iconic LED giant screen of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

Photo by Maiorano Magazine

Why are digital scenery the ideal support for a fashion show?

Anyone who has participated in a fashion event of the highest level is aware that the scenery design can increase the perception of the collection presented, transporting us into the world designed and built by the mind of the designer. In the most innovative shows, in fact, the creative director of the collection works alongside the set designer to create immersive catwalks capable of making the experience memorable.


The use of curved, modular or standard ledwalls allows you to create scenographies with a specific shape if required, adapting to the environment and offering the viewer the desired angle of view. Moreover, the construction of a digital scenography based on the use of LED screens allows to insert the models that parade on the catwalk in a specific context, strengthening the message of the collection and communicating the theme of the show.


A striking example of digital scenography is The Ride Never Ends, a tunnel made of LED screens designed in 2018 by a well-known fashion brand.

At the same time, the use of individual LED totems can also be a support in the framework of a communication strategy within fashion events, perhaps anticipating the visual content that will be offered on LED screens on the catwalk.


This makes us understand how both virtual events and those in presence can increasingly rely on immersive visual communication techniques to entertain and fascinate those who observe.
After all, those who attend the parades, often complain of the repetition of the same: girls in a row who follow a path more or less identical and little difference from a perspective between the various sessions of those attending the event.

At this juncture, the adoption of digital scenery can increasingly bring innovation and greater involvement, creating a possible future trend for the catwalks of the world’s big names in high fashion.

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