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Wave&Co Led Walls, suitable for every purpose

LED Walls are latest generation screens and giant screens designed for the reproduction of graphic contents. They consist of several tiles, or cabinets, places side by side to meet the shape, size and customization needs of our clients and their projects.

Wave&Co, passionate about cutting-edge solutions, works with the best LED suppliers around the world. For our LED Walls, we combine the newest technologies with innovative approach on design and astonishing visual quality.

Shape and Content

Wave&Co has a wide range of custom solutions for empowering the communication strategy of our clients, including:

  • Flat LED Walls
  • Curved LED Walls, for a dynamic and embracing experience
  • Transparent LED Walls, for a spectacular and innovative effect.

In addition to supplying the hardware, we are also able to assist you in the design, production and management of the best content for your Digital Signage strategy.

LED Walls for every environment

LED Walls are suitable for installation in various contexts, both indoor and outdoor.

They are, in facts, particularly appropriate for enhancing a wide range of environments, communicating advertising and institutional messages, arousing emotions thanks to unprecedented visual impact.

Perfect in entertainment dedicated contexts, our LED Walls are the best choice for:

  • Fashion shows
  • Events
  • Trade fairs
  • Concerts

Our products can enhance large spaces such as train stations, airports and transit areas.

For our LED Walls, we use the following products
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Our team is here to help

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