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Led Poster: advertising and multimedia communication

A LED poster is made of modularly designed LED tiles, particularly flexible and convenient.
The final designed can be framed in favourite shapes and materials, ultralight and thin.

LED Posters are usually designed to stand, to enhance and draw attention to the communication message.

Urban Digital Signage projects cannot overlook the tactical use of LED Posters, scattered on people’s daily paths.

Thanks to the Plug and Play feature, these screens are fast and easy to configure.

Completely wireless, these products are particularly adaptable to different context and uses.

Indoor & Outdoor LED Posters

The LED posters are very thin, ideal for use within the most varied indoor spaces, such as shops, drugstores, department stores, hotel lobbies.

Likewise, it is a classic option in public and transit places, such as shopping centres, railway stations, subways and airports.

Upon request, Wave&Co also provides a support equipped with wheels. These supports help moving Posters easily and fast in situation where versatility and quickness are needed, such as trade fairs, congresses and conventions.

Wave&Co LED posters projects involve the following products:
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Our team is here to help

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