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Wave&Co: official sponsor of BlueMadness FreeFly team!
“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.”

That’s what Wilbur Wright, pioneer of the modern aviation, thought about flying and wisely shared with us.

The rules of the game never changed, that’s why what he said long time ago, is still true today. Times did change a lot indeed, introducing new technologies and discoveries, but the solid pillars of Wright’s quote are still standing and can be the very foundation of everything, from sport to business.

Knoweldge and skill are a must to fly.


That’s the linking philosphy between Wave&Co and the BlueMadness free flyer team. And this is also the reason why our company became the official sponsor of the three free flyers actually in the running for the next italian championship.

Wave&Co established its guidelines from the start:

  1. Initiative: typical of a young and dynamic company.
  2. Precision: needed to analize any project, taking care of every little detail.
  3. Determination: to accomplish our tasks to the best of our ability.
  4. Courage: to undertake new and bigger challenges in order to broaden our market horizons, beyond our national borders.
  5. Trust: we aim to keep our customers and suppliers’ trust strong, giving them a 360° service to meet any possible need.
  6. Attention to detail: to improve our services’ quality.

The same rules and values guide our free flyers in their pursuit of perfection. It’s with determination and courage that they defy gravity. It’s putting their trust in team work and in their own knowledge that they jump from a plane, conquering their fears because they know they have already taken care of every little detail to be safe and deliver an outstanding performance.


So, we are honoured to join the BlueMadness FreeFly team as their official sponsor. Here they are: Andrea Degortes and Benedetto Roccotelli as freeflyers and Francesco Borgogni as their flying cameraman.



The BlueMadness team doesn’t fear to fly high. In the same way, Wave&Co climbs the ladder of technology to reach the highest level of quality.


Fear never stopped our WAVE and by the way, quoting Andrea Degortes:

“Everything we want is beyond our fears, waiting for us.”

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