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The led wall market is dynamic and constantly growing; suppliers and distributors always change following trends and situations. Wave&Co is different. Our vision leads us to search for strong relationships that can give many advantages to us and our customers.

That’s why we have just signed a new exclusive agreement with Colorlight, a global leader in the led wall control system manufacture!

Born in 2007, Colorlight’s products are now known worldwide, thanks to their application in many important projects such us the Olimpic Games, World Expos, Fifa World Cup and many others.

Here there are some of the advantages coming from this new agreement:


  • Colorlight engineers will stay at our headquarters in Italy to be ready to assist our customers whenever needed. We will improve our service making it faster than before!
  • We will have a stock of Colorlight video controllers, available to be sold but also to support our customers with last-minute requests for their events
  • Our customers will be the first in Italy to have new Colorlight products!


Wave&Co officially became the exclusive distributor of Colorlight for the Italian market!


We also organize training courses about led walls and the Colorlight control system for video technicians and companies!

To learn more about it, here there is some news about the last editions:

The first course in France in 2019

Course in Claypaky 


Let’s find out more about Colorlight controllers!

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