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Here we are at our first date (I’m all dressed up, you see?)

Well, now that you’ve taken the appropriate time to admire me, let’s talk about today’s topic:

How much does a ledwall cost? What’s the price of a led screen?

Well, first of all, you have to understand that buying a ledwall is nothing like buying my favourite doggy sneaks: you have to think about a lot of stuff!

Led screens can be divided according to these categories:

  • Fixed installations (for shop windows, advertisements, signs, decorative backgrounds, meeting rooms etc.)
  • Rental installations (for events, concerts, exhibitions, conferences etc.)
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Pixel pitch (that’s the distance between screen pixels, in millimeters)

My very long experience, next to my human pet (a.k.a. Manuel Maccioni, the vice-chairman of Wave&Co), taught me that all these things make the difference and raise the price. I’ll tell you some examples if you are not as expert as I am.

A fixed installation would cost more because it must work all day, for many days, to make a shop window bright and beautiful and catch the eye. That’s why its electronic components must perform so well that the screen won’t die in a heartbeat.

Moreover, if it’s an outdoor installation we are talking about, it should be strong enough to face every weather condition. Shouldn’t it?

Well, now let’s think about a cheap ledwall standing hour after hour under the sun in an awfully hot summer day (let’s say we are in Africa, shall we?). It won’t be long before this screen’s modules start to dilatate and deform their shape, breaking the lines and ruining the whole screen. What to do then? Just call someone to fix it, spending more than you imagined when you bought the cheap ledwall.

Now you may now why you don’t have to keep an eye just on the price when you buy a ledwall.

What really matters is its quality!

Now let’s talk about the pixel pitch.

Do not mix it with the “pitch of a siren” nor with “bringing someone to fever pitch”. Just keep calm and read my pitch.

The resolution of any image or video can be different thanks to the pixel pitch.

The thinnest the pitch is, the highest resolution you got. The screen can be watched from a close distance and the price will be higher for sure. Indoor ledwalls that come with thin pitches starting from 3.9mm, and less, can be placed in a range of price that goes from 1800€ to 8000€/sqm.

On the other hand, if the screen pitch is bigger, it will result in less pixels, lower resolution and lower price. But it doesn’t mean the image will be bad. Not at all! Because these kinds of screen will be watched from afar and your human pretty eyes won’t even notice the difference. Outdoor ledwalls, placed on high buildings, with a pitch from 10mm and below, will have a price between 1600€ and 4000€/sqm.

As you can see, what makes the price different is the way you use a ledwall and its quality. It’s precisely the experts’ duty-and my human subordinates at Wave&Co are really expert- to analyze a project and choose the best options to meet any customer’s needs.

Got it, right? Lovely. Now there’s only one more thing to do:

contact our team to have a quotation!