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This is my battle cry.



Do you know why?

Well, that’s because I pretend to sleep all day while Wave&Co people are working, that’s the best way for my doggy ears to take note of everything around me. How smart and sneaky of me, right?

After all…




I’m Blu, Wave&Co real boss!

My french bulldog’s pretty face is just a disguise not to stress my employees too much; especially Manuel Maccioni, my human pet.




Nap after nap, I carefully watch over my company and intercept any last news coming from the digital world.

There’s no way something can run away from me and, since I’m a very generous creature, I decided to share my knowledge and wisdom with you, nice and friendly human beings.

Now it’s your turn to choose. Do you want to be overpowered by all this digital knowledge or not? Option Red: no. Option Blu (my favourite one): yes.


Red Pill or “Blu” pill? Make your choice.

Stay tuned to read my latest news! Coming soon on these (led) screens!

You can read my news (always in progress) here:
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