Rental and services

Analysis of the project

Every space has its peculiarity, every project has a space to give value, a message to comunicate, an emotion to cause. This is the reason why for us is a priority planning tailor-made solutions that respect the idea and the demand of the costumer.

We rate with you every aspects of your project in order to identify the products and the services more suitable to your necessities. Moreover, we offer you a service of free preliminary consultation and costum-made quote for your installations.

Costumization of the project

At the base of our differentiation there is the need of propose different led solutions, in order to satisfy every demand of price, appearance and project.

Thanks to our coworkers, who follow painstakingly the stages of research and production of the product, for us is possible make every costum-made solutions, both on the technical/mechanical level and on aesthetic level.




From the project to the installation.

We have an equipe of specialists ready to follow every stage of the project from the assembly of the ledwall to the dismantling.

Thanks to a technical and precise planning, the Wave&Co ledwalls are mechanically and elechtrically advanced but easy to use and to install.

Wave&Co products guarantee

The Wave&Co ledwalls are 3 years guaranteed with a service of technical assistance high quality.

A fast and verified assistance thanks to our laboratory with technology of latest generation for the reparation and the welding until P 2.8 mm.

More than the operative services, we make available every day a telephonic support for the assistance and the installation of our products.


Operative rental

Our partnership with GRENKE guarantees to our clients an OPERATIVE RENTAL SERVICE, including the possibility to delay the payment from 12 to 60 months, without deposit.