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The global market opened its golden gates to many different influences coming in and out via media and social media. Today it’s easy to find new and similar products in large quantities, that’s why the competition is high and fierce from west to east, but how can you choose the right product if the choice range is so wide?

Wave&Co can’t be mistaken about it. Manuel Maccioni, CEO of the led screens seller company, leader of the Italian market, replies:

“In a market where only clones seem to be manufactured, you must aim to originality, quality, made in Italy. In one word: La Erre.”

La Erre Flight Case was born in 2000 from a visionary project of Riccardo Radaelli, an inventive musician who, responding to his personal need, built all by himself a customized flight case to transport his musical instruments. It’s been 20 years since he created his first homemade flight case, that he treasures as the first step of its dream now become true. Today Riccardo is the CEO of a renowned company, leading the Italian market thanks to the production of high-quality flight cases.

“Thanks to our flight cases, the workers don’t have to pay too much attention when they move the goods”.

This is what Riccardo proudly said. The reason why he is so sure about his flight cases lies in their special features.

First, they are made of European high-quality, long-lasting materials that can be recycled and reused to promote an eco-friendly production.

Moreover, they are provided with ergonomic handles that can be customized, put in innovative and strategic places to take and move the flight cases in a faster and easier way. Thanks to their resistance, you can pile up 5 of them without worrying about the goods inside. This is useful, safe and space-saving: the perfect choice for a tidy warehouse. Thanks to the high-quality foam that covers the flight case inner walls, tipping is not dangerous anymore, even though the goods inside are fragile. The ball-bearing wheels let them flow smoothly, quickly and easily.

A touch of colour and the chance to add logos (via serigraphy or engraving), improve the flight cases’ look and let any brand shine out. This is the best way to be visually different.

Obviously, Wave&Co had no doubts about its flight cases’ colour: the well-known Wave Blue was the only possible choice.

Wave&Co decided to sign an exclusivity agreement with La Erre because it believes in quality above quantity and it aims to guarantee its customers the greatest comfort and the highest safety.

Wave&Co believes in made in Italy products as the solution in a market of copy-past products where quality comes second, while it should come first.