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Welcome back on these (LED) screens, human friends!

Looking at my Facebook page, Pillole di Blu

I noticed that something was missing. So, thinking about how to make it special with all my doggy smartness, I came out with this great idea! I decided to give a gift to all my human fans!

Today, for the first time in forever, in this universe and in the whole multiverse, I’ll give you my amazing WHATSAPP STICKERS for free!

Believe me, it’s true! You’ll have the great honour of using my cuteness to convey your feelings and mood while chatting with your friends, your family and your boo as well!



You have just to open the WhatsApp chat here below, on the left corner of the screen.  You can start writing whatever you want! I can accept “Hi Blu!” or even “Goodmorning Your Majesty”, I’d appreciate it anyway. Just tell me who you are and you’ll receive all my stickers in a heartbeat.

And now, take a look at my creations (the work is always in progress here):

Don’t you want to use them right now?
So…let’s write to me to catch them all! You can also suggest new faces to add!

I’d appreciate any advice, as any good Boss should do!

Is there a special mood you want to convey? #sayitwithblu and let everybody know!