Wave&Co Video LED Cubes, pure technological craftmanship

Wave&Co is pleased to present its Video Led Cubes, an exceptional example of technological craftsmanship applied to LED Technology.


We all know how technological innovation always amazes and remains etched in the eyes of those who come across something never seen before.
What happens, however, when an innovative object is enriched by the artistic component, when technological artisans dedicate their time to create something never seen before?
The result is the best possible outcome, i.e. when technological progress manages not to be an end in itself, but manages to have a decisive impact in the context of application.

What are Video LED Cubes and how are they built?

A LED video cube is a system of LED screens that are installed as a “covering” of a cube-shaped structure, designed and handcrafted.

Our designers make the structure in extremely light and resistant aluminium of any size you may want, being able to leverage on the modularity of LED screens.

With this in mind, it is possible to build LED video cubes with a side of 50cm but, why not, also of 2 and more meters.

Video Led Cubes, Digital Signage and applications

As we have seen, Wave&Co LED video cubes are tools fully customizable, according to the use for which they are built.

It is clear how, by varying the dimensions, choosing the most suitable cabinets (indoor, outdoor, pixel pitch and resolution) and choosing the video content, LED video cubes can be considered useful allies for any digital signage strategy.


Retail Digital Signage

LED screens for Retail are already an established reality, but it is undeniable that physical Retail is experiencing a deep revolution in this period, always in search of a customer experience enrichment.
In fact, more and more important brands are making breakthrough choices in their way of doing Retail, especially if we consider how the rivalry of online shopping is getting stronger.


And it is precisely in these cases that Digital Signage and immersive communication with LED screens can be the technological element that breaks the mould.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that the first application requests that we have been asked to design come from the world of Retail.


LED video cubes can stand as real works of art and enhance the in-store experience, especially if associated with original and impactful contents.
The possibility of being visible at 360 ° within the perimeter of the store allows particularly incisive communication, whether the faces of the cube transmit the same video message, or different contents.

Whatever your need, if your goal is to amaze and capture attention, get in touch with Wave&Co, our team of designers, architects, planners and content creators are at your disposal to realize your craziest ideas.

Are you looking for a #beyondimaginable solution?