Transparent Led Screens, the creative solution for innovative Digital Signage

Transparent LED screens have the particularity of allowing the view even on what is behind the screen, and vice versa, both when switched on and off.

On several occasions we have already had the opportunity to underline how much LED screens can be essential allies for the most advanced Digital Signage strategies.


This is because they are tools that guarantee a high-quality rendering of the images and videos transmitted, which means giving more value to the content, with very positive effects on the perception of the brand.

They are also very performing light diffusers, with peaks of 10,000 nit.


All with a very low energy consumption, which makes LED screens a “green” choice compared to instruments with similar performance.

With today’s article, however, we would like to shift attention to transparent LED screens and to the fact that they can represent a very creative and innovative solution.

Features and applications for Transparent LED Screens

The distinctive feature of transparent LED screens lies in the absence of that flat support, generally black, on which LEDs and wiring are applied on for traditional LED screens.

To overcome this lack, on the back of the transparent screens there are vertical bars, of rather limited thickness, inside which all the necessary cables are concentrated.


Here below, other important features of this kind of screens:

  • Greater lightness compared to traditional LED screens, which makes them perfect for suspended installations.
  • Cabinets are very easy to assemble.
  • Frames can be customized in colours, to ensure consistency with the environment.
  • Natural light filters from the outside to the inside.
  • Transparency up to 80%.


These features make Transparent LED screens perfect for these kinds of applications:

  • Shops and retail windows. For these applications, in fact, the passage of natural light from the outside can contribute to proper interior lighting.
  • Scenography for television studios.
  • Scenography for theatrical performances. The lightness makes them perfect to be repositioned with minimized risks and fatigue.
  • “Media facade”, i.e. installations of LED screens placed to cover the facades of buildings.

Wave&Co Transparent LED Screens

Wave&Co, as per the brand DNA, can develop Digital Signage projects using the latest generation transparent LED screens.

Screens of the IH series have a brightness measured in 5,550 nits, which makes them perfectly visible even in very sunny contexts, such as shop windows facing the street.

The IH series is made up of different models, ranging from screens with pixel pitch of 2.8mm x 5.6mm and brightness of 55%, up to screens with 10.4×10.4mm pixel pitch with 80% transparency.

Whatever your idea, write to us at info@waveandco.com, we will be happy to design the best solutions for your Digital Signage.

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