Wave&Co LED Video Signs for the entrance gate of Superstudio, Milan

Wave&Co has several projects in its portfolio located in the area of Via Tortona, the heart of the Milanese district of design, innovation and art.

The project of Superstudio entrance gate involves one of the first outdoor 3.9mm pixel pitch LED screens in Italy.


The project and the challenge

The important element of technological innovation lies in the use of a LED screen with such a narrow pitch in an outdoor context.
We successfully faced the challenge with a waterproofing procedure of every single LED of these screens. Definitely not the easiest things to do on such a narrow pitch.


Being an outdoor LED Video Sign, we have chosen modules with high brightness.


The final installation has been designed to create an entrance with attractive and futuristic lines for one of the best-known realities in Milan. Like others, this application only suggests some of the many possible configurations of our screens and their infinite creative potential.

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