Wave&Co LED screens for event for Renault congress

The high resolution of our LED screens for events is perfectly suited to conferences and talks and was Renault’s choice for its congress.


The high refresh rate makes it possible to shoot the LED screens in the room without annoying disturbances such as black stripes or flashing images.

The narrow pitch-pitch of our A-series (2.9mm) reproduce very high-quality images, allowing participants to live a conference experience or talk that suggests futuristic scenarios and the possibility of implementation in similar contexts.


It would be easy, for example, to imagine screens like those used in this scenario, perhaps in a conference call context in an important company, in offices and press rooms that may have similar requirements to those of this application.


Furthermore, the possibility of framing LED screens in scenographic structures opens up to infinite possibilities. The only limit is the imagination of those who design the space in which the screens will act.

Are you looking for a #beyondimaginable solution?