Indoor Curved LED Wall for Framesi conference in Valencia

Appointed of creating the video infrastructure for the international conference of Framesi, Wave&Co selected the best curved LED screens to build a giant Led Wall for indoor.

With its impressive size of 90sqm, this curved LED wall, embraces the stage and the speaker, creating a wall of light and high-quality images that enhances the exposition.

The curve of this LED wall is very linear, granting a perfect continuity.



A Giant LED wall, 2.9mm pixel pitch

The main peculiarity of this project is the cohabitation of the narrow pixel pitch (2.9 mm) and the impressive size of the installation, 90sqm.

This project is a clear example of our tenacious research for best options and passion for details.


Wave&Co has a wide range of LED Walls suitable for a project like this, including all the tools and accessories to make your event an unforgettable visual experience for all the attendees.

Whatever your needs are and wherever your imagination takes you, Wave&Co is your partner to make your imagination come true.

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