Indoor Giant LED screen for events at Fabrique, Milan

Wave&Co enters the heart of Milanese events and entertainment by lighting Fabrique stage with a high-resolution installation.

The led screen chosen for this installation is A-series Indoor, 2.9mm pixel pitch.

For creative events and entertainment, it is one of our best sellers.


The project

The characteristics of the project for the indoor Giant LED screen at Fabrique suggested us to go for our A-Series LED screens, a truly versatile product.
In this case, we used it to enhance one the most iconic club and venue in Milan, the Fabrique.


For the Fabrique indoor led screen, Wave & Co has chosen our A-series: a truly impressive versatile LED screen. In this case he went to illuminate the stage of Fabrique, one of the most iconic places in Milan.


Every year the venue hosts some of the most important international artists, and being the bearers of what is an integral part of the “life” of the stage is certainly an honour, but also a great responsibility for our company. It is for this reason that attention to detail, technical expertise and attention to customer needs are, and always will be, the ideals that drive Wave & Co.

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