A 70sqm Indoor LED Wall for the 70th anniversary of Cimolai

In the occasion of the celebration of 70th anniversary of Cimolai, Wave&Co projected a large indoor LED Wall, 70 sqm of suspended screen.


LED Screen with 2.9mm pixel pitch

Cimolai has chosen not to sacrifice the resolution of the screens for the size: the LED screen used, indoor A-series, have a narrow pitch of 2.9 mm.

The result is a truly exciting installation: an imposing surface, the adoption of a well-thought-out design solution for the structure and a high resolution, for images of super quality.


Project and safety

The project for the 70 m² indoor ledwall required a great design effort, given the load-bearing structure and the total weight of the suspended screen.

In situations like this, the pursuit of excellence and attention to detail are a sign of passion, but also of a sense of responsibility and safety for the attendees.

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