Wave&Co curved LED Screens for Herbalife Summit, Rome

Herbalife have chosen our curved LED screens for its latest summit in Rome.

The large US company, leader in the nutrition and supplements sector, wanted to set up large suspended LED screens in the centre of the convention hall, in an arrangement that recalls the one classically adopted in major sporting events, especially in the US scene.


Indoor curved Screens by Dicolor

The project involves Dicolor curved M-Pro 3.9mm indoor LED screens, featuring an innovative fast bending system, patented by the company.

Dicolor patented system innovation lies in its great practicality: the bending system is integrated into the structure itself and does not require the use of external components.


In order to mount the LED screens and set their curvature, it is no longer necessary to load up with heavy components, but simply set the desired angle by working directly on the structure.
Regulating simple washers allow you to give a bending of ± 5° and perfect linearity on the corners.

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