Wave&Co confirms collaboration with Dicolor©

Wave&Co and Dicolor confirm and renew their “promises”. A true professional marriage based on mutual esteem and ambition, to always offer the best LED technology possible to the end user.

Specifically, the new collaboration between the two companies has as its object the procurement of new LED screens at the forefront.

We are talking about futuristic LED screens, designed for the most modern applications in the field of innovative communication.

A practical example?
The imminent arrival of the next stock of Dicolor products containing 400 sqm of UC-Series indoor LED screens and 300sqm of M-Pro, innovative indoor and outdoor screens with curved cabinets and modular design.

The confirmation of this collaboration goes beyond the adoption in our list of these LED screens ideal for the rental sector. In fact, Dicolor supplies extend to a wider range of products made by the brand.

So, let’s find out more about the collaboration with Wave&Co’s Dicolor in more detail.

The curved A-Series Ledwall of Dicolor, during the Academy of Ledwall of 30 July 2020.

Wave&Co and the collaboration with Dicolor, a solid relationship built over time

The solid relationship that unites our company to Dicolor has formed over the years.

According to the statements of the same Dicolor, there are many reasons that have led to this close, privileged relationship in the procurement of LED screens.

First of all, for Dicolor, our company has always been willing to solve all kinds of problems at no cost. In addition, the good relationships with users, given by the industrious and responsible spirit of Wave&Co and the ability to control management risks, are high plus emerged during the collaboration.


This synergy was born immediately, from 2016, when Wave&Co was still a small company with only 3 people in an office near an elementary school. At that time, many LED screen companies were larger than Wave&Co, but now Wave&Co has grown to become a giant of the Italian market. The result of this evolution lies in the commitment of the team, which according to Dicolor “has poured countless drops of sweat”.

Our Chinese partners also reward the Wave&Co team because it is innovativehardworking and professional, capable of taking brilliant actions to convey to customers the true value of the products and the distribution company itself. A fundamental factor that leads to the continuous consolidation of Wave&Co’s position on the market.


Wave&Co is a reality appreciated by Dicolor as it shows itself able to maintain its partners. In fact, although the market is always ruthless, the collaboration with Dicolor continues regardless of the numerous requests for collaboration delivered to Wave&Co, This is why it is considered a reliable partner within a collaboration based on mutual support.



What is Dicolor and why it is important for our market

What is Dicolor

Dicolor is the most innovative company in the field of rental giant screens. Each year it sends its product managers directly to customer locations around the world.

These managers listen to the voices and expectations of users; therefore, they provide feedback to the research and development department. Dicolor R&D is subsequently committed to creating new products that exceed customer expectations. The result of this investment in innovation is clear to all.


At the end of 2016, Dicolor developed the A-Series and the M-Pro series, which introduced revolutionary elements such as the curved cabinet and modular design. The technology allows the user to easily install the LED screen and carry out cabinet maintenance.

At the end of 2019, the UC series arrived that fulfills customers’ dream of installing all forms of LED wall.

Finally, after the pandemic period, R & D started again. New innovation efforts focus on outdoor installations with fine-pitch LED screens, about development of new GOB technology and the creation of new products dedicated to the LED rental sector.

Dicolor wants to grow together with customers by supporting its partners in every possible way. The friendship established with partners, as with the CEO of Wave&Co Manuel Maccioni, is an example of the business approach of this reality, as well as being a special phenomenon in the field of LED screens.



The importance of collaboration with Dicolor: top selling products for rental and more

The importance of the collaboration with a global company like Dicolor is strategic to offer products of the highest quality, based on fine steps, high IP grade and adaptability to multiple contexts.

All fundamental factors for Digital Signage applications and not only.

This is why the presence of these screens in the Wave&Co HUB represents a strong point, a way to respond to the needs of users who rent, buy LED screens and ask for continuous assistance for their installations.


LED screens M-pro and UC-series Dicolor©

UC-series and M-PRO screens, the LED screens of the future

Dicolor’s UC-Series and M-Pro screens are the LED screens of the future for the rental sector.

Why do their features project them to this market with a top selling perspective?

Let’s start with the UC-Series, which as anticipated are mainly indoor screens. These flexible screens have a very high resolution, very fine steps and stand out for their slim profile and low weight.


These features are ideal for use in:

  • Indoor events and trade fairs
  • Television broadcasts
  • Shops
  • Display cases with LED screens
  • Stations
  • Sports halls


Further on, the M-PRO features a modular design with an ultra-light aluminum alloy frame and 15-inch curved cabinet with high-precision module clamping in just two steps.
These LED screens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations while maintaining a small pixel pitch (3.9 mm) and are equipped with an anti-collision structure.


Their characteristics are suitable for use in:

  • Events
  • Concerts
  • Applications of internal and external digital signage. As in the case of indoor or outdoor commercial spaces and fashion boutiques.
  • Stations
  • Advertising (to realize LED advertising screens).

In addition, both these screens are equipped with the brand new Receiving Card i9+.


Thanks to the intuitive interface, the Colorlight I-set software allows easy management of the colour space without calibration, while allowing the individual shades to be modified. A function that guarantees a perfect visual rendering regardless of the type of application.


But the potential of these products is really endless
To find out how to make the most of your visual content, ask our team for more information.
You can thus create an installation based on these powerful communication tools with ad hoc content for your goals.

Are you looking for a #beyondimaginable solution?