Backdrop LED walls on stage for Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino

It is quite common to see a LED wall used for an event, like a concert, or even in a TV Studio.
It is not that common to find a LED wall used in theatres, with its load of light and images.


When it comes to innovative projects, Wave&Co is always on the front line.
In fact, we have brought a LED Screen to theatre, on the stage of Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino.
For this particular project we also introduced a new way to use it.
Our LED wall was not intended to reproduce video contents or light as if it was the protagonist of the stage.


Our A-series led wall, 2.9mm pixel pitch, was used for the visualization of subtitles and texts during the theatrical representation.

An indoor implementation like this, with these peculiar methods, suggests one of the many potential scenarios in which the ledwall can be integrated more and more in the future.

Are you looking for a #beyondimaginable solution?