LED Screen for ADV on the bridge of Via Tortona, Milan

Wave&Co was chosen for the project of LED Screen for ADV on the bridge in Via Tortona in Milan, the heart of the Fuorisalone. The bridge is a connection between two great realities of the Milanese cultural scene such as MUDEC and Superstudio.


Light LED screens for our project

The feasibility study and structural checks immediately revealed the weakness of the bridge.

This aspect required specific design adaptations for the application: the use of an ultra-light screen, whose weight comply with the parameters defined by the structural checks.
Another restriction was dictated by the impossibility of posterior maintenance.

We have soon identified that our LED screen for ADV M-Series, 8mm pixel pitch, is particularly suitable for this kind of application, thanks to its high brightness and low weight.

The construction took five days of hard work and our team has shown once again that it is able to cope with even the least favourable conditions.

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