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Wave&Co and Analog Way training courses

for video technicians are back.


This edition will take place in the prestigious Claypaky Italian headquarter: an Osram business, lighting expert since 1976.

In this special occasion, we will offer the participants an exclusive demo inside Claypaky showroom and we will pay a visit to the Claypaky lighting museum, MoMS, all together.

The training course will be structured as below:

  • 1st day- Ledwall Academy:

A training day about how to set and control a led wall and how to solve potential issues.

  • 2nd and 3rd days-Analog Way:

2 days of training about LiveCore products, how to set, use and handle them.

Save the date: 17th-19th of September 2019, from 9.30 to 18.00


After the first training day, the participants will have a written test to obtain a participation certificate.

After the Analog Way training session, the participants will have a practical and theoretical test to get an official certification as LiveCore video technicians.

Once again Wave&Co takes the national floor e as a giver of technical knowledge, in cooperation with the leaders of the market.

Once again we have to quote the famous slogan:

“Sharing is caring” because
“Progress is real only if its advantages can be shared”.
-Henry Ford-
Info and booking:
tel.: 035-0158461
Or you can send us a WhatsApp message just clicking on this icon in the low corner of this page.